Promotional Hairbrushes & Combs

Choose from our selection of promotional haibrushes and combs.  Custom Printed Haibrushes and combs are a perfect giveaways or retail items for the hair dressing industry and beauty organisations.  These offer a great way to get you branding in front of your client in their home for 365 days of the year.


Promotional Hesty Bamboo Comb
Prices from £0.69
Eco Wheatstraw Comb
Prices from £0.32
Bamboo Comb Garet
Prices from £1.30
Branded Eco Bamboo Comb
Prices from £0.75
Anti Tangle Hairbrush
Prices from £2.16

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gifts are the perfect reward for your clients to thank them for their loyalty over the year. So why not take a look at our custom printed Company Christmas Gifts ideas for the festive season? Whether your are looking for branded Christmas Stockings, Santa Hats, Crackers, mince pies or personalised chocolate for holiday promotional gifts we have it covered in our Christmas gift ideas section! It is not too early to start looking at your Christmas promotional product giveaways and we are already in full swing with Christmas merchandise orders. Want some ideas for custom printed seasonal giveaways or looking to bulk order company merchandise? Speak to one of our dedicated account managers.
Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Choose from our wide range of eco friendly promotional products, biodegradable and recycled promotional gifts to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment, be part of a greener future. Contribute to green living and zero waste with our range of eco friendly recycled promotional items. We are continuing to add to our sustainble merchandise range and offer a diverse range of products. Custom printed Eco promotional items and gifts can be used to promote environmental awareness as trade show giveaways or for fundraising events. With the government's levy of 25p on disposable coffee cups why not show case your brand with our range of printed bamboo fibre coffee mugs? Talk to us for branded eco friendly merchandise ideas.
Gay Pride LGBT

Gay Pride LGBT

Celebrate Gay Pride with our range of colourful rainbow merchandise branded with your logo and business message. Wherever in the country you are celebrating Gay Pride as your local annual event you can be assured we have a colourful range of promotional merchandise that represents diversity and inclusivity. If you have an idea about a LGBTQ product, simply chat with one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to help in turning your dream into reality.


Choose from our range of promotional Winter gifts. We have 1000's of Winter giveaway ideas including custom printed hats and scarves, branded travel mugs, ice scrapers and more! When you are looking for corporate promotional gift items, you can be assured that we will have the very latest.
Festival Promotional Products

Festival Promotional Products

Choose from our great range of festival promotional products and event merchandise. Custom Printed music festival promotional products are great for giveaways or for fundraising. Branded food festival accessories offer a fantastic opportunity to boost your branding visibility! Get merchandise ideas for events and festival gifts from the latest products. If you are looking to bulk order festival promotional items, simply speak to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to help.
Schools Colleges & Universities - Freshers Week

Schools Colleges & Universities - Freshers Week

Whether you are looking for freshers week promotional products for universities for fundraising for freshers fair, back to school items or as university student giveaways for freshers week 2023 at universities, our vast range of promotional items for schools, colleges and universities are the perfect solution. Gifts for uni students are always in demand and offer a great branding opportunity particularly for the freshers ball. Branded products for schools are always popular and the choice can be overwhelming, if you need some help choosing custom printed items for the educational sector please speak with one of our experienced account managers who will be happy to advise you.
Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Choose from our range of Made in Britain Promotional Products for a fast lead time and low carbon footprint. By buying British manufactured branded merchandise you can help reduce the carbon footprint a positive step in helping our environment.


Promotional Hairbrushes & Combs

How to Clean Your Hairbrushes and Combs


Your hairbrush can quickly accumulate oil, dust and hair, so it is important to regularly clean your hairbrush to maintain its ability to care for your hair and keep it hygienic.


The regular use of hair conditioners and hairsprays start to stick to the bristles leaving desposits back in your hair without regular cleaning, plus a lot of hair can adhere to the brush as your hair sheds itself.


If you regularly use hair products it is a good idea to give your hairbrush a thorough clean once a week.


If you are not a big user of hair products try to clean your brush at least every 2 - 3 weeks.


1.  Remove any hair in your brush using a tail comb or any pointed item, if it is badly matted you may need to use scissors to remove the hairs.


2.  Fill a bowl with warm soapy water, preferably use a small amount of your shampoo mixed with the water.  If your hairbrush is very dirty, add 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda.


3.  For plastic brushes you can submerge your brush in the water  and let it soak for 3-5minutes, avoid doing this with a wooden brush to prevent damaging the wood, simply wash the bristles only for the minimum amount of time.


4.  Swish your brush in the soapy water several times to help dissolve the hair oil, hair products and dead skin cells.


5.  You can use a toothbrush to really get between the bristles of your hairbrush and scrub the base of the brush thoroughly.


6.  Thoroughly rinse your hairbrushes and combs with cool water, place them face down onto a dry towel and allow them to dry naturally.


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