Branded Sports Promotional Products

Choose from our extensive range of branded sports promotional products for all sporting activities. Our fitness printed promotional items for sports are a great way to encourage your clients to keep fit and stay fit. Whatever your sporting activity we have sports promotional products that can be branded with your details, Our range of promotional sports merchandise is perfect for gyms, leisure centres, schools, football, tennis, sports clubs, cycling and swimming clubs. Promotional gifts for sports can be used as a business incentive, or for resale. Looking for bulk printed sports merchandise? Call one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to help with all your requirements for promotional items for sports.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Choose from our wide range of eco friendly promotional products, biodegradable and recycled promotional gifts to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment, be part of a greener future. Contribute to green living and zero waste with our range of eco friendly recycled promotional items. We are continuing to add to our eco friendly sustainble merchandise range and offer a diverse range of eco friendly promotional gifts. Custom printed Eco promotional items and gifts can be used to promote environmental awareness as trade show giveaways or for fundraising events. With the government's levy of 25p on disposable coffee cups why not show case your brand with our range of printed bamboo fibre coffee mugs? Talk to us for branded eco friendly merchandise ideas.
Gay Pride LGBT

Gay Pride LGBT

Celebrate Gay Pride with our range of colourful rainbow merchandise branded with your logo and business message. Wherever in the country you are celebrating Gay Pride as your local annual event you can be assured we have a colourful range of promotional merchandise that represents diversity and inclusivity. If you have an idea about a LGBTQ product, simply chat with one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to help in turning your dream into reality.
Festival Promotional Products

Festival Promotional Products

Choose from our great range of festival promotional products and event merchandise. Custom Printed music festival promotional products are great for giveaways or for fundraising. Branded food festival accessories offer a fantastic opportunity to boost your branding visibility! Get merchandise ideas for events and festival gifts from the latest products. If you are looking to bulk order festival promotional items, simply speak to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to help.
Schools Colleges & Universities - Freshers Week

Schools Colleges & Universities - Freshers Week

Whether you are looking for freshers week promotional products for universities for fundraising for freshers fair, back to school items or as university student giveaways for freshers week 2023 at universities, our vast range of promotional items for schools, colleges and universities are the perfect solution. Gifts for uni students are always in demand and offer a great branding opportunity particularly for the freshers ball. Branded products for schools are always popular and the choice can be overwhelming, if you need some help choosing custom printed items for the educational sector please speak with one of our experienced account managers who will be happy to advise you.
Summer Giveaways

Summer Giveaways

Summer Giveaway Ideas are a fun way to drive brand recognition with an exciting range of Promotional Summer Products which all offer a good size branding area.
Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Choose from our range of Made in Britain Promotional Products for a fast lead time and low carbon footprint. We are continually adding to our UK promotional products; by buying British manufactured branded merchandise you can help reduce the carbon footprint a positive step in helping our environment.
Charity Products

Charity Products

We are experts in helping with promotional products for charities and fundraising events. We are one of the top charity merchandise suppliers of fundraising products in the UK.


Branded Sports Promotional Products

In these difficult times the importance of keeping fit cannot be stressed enough, which is why we offer an extensive range of sports products.

To keep you inspired we have listed the top ten benefits to keeping fit and healthy that you may not be aware of:


1.  Reduce your risk of vascular dementia


Physical inactivity is linked to developing dementia and also increases your risk of a reduction of cognitive activity.  For a simple, fun fist step, why not try a dance class which is helpful for increasing memory and concentration.


2.  Decreases your risk of developiing osteoporosis


Regular weight bearing excercise is important for improving bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis with the recommend duration being 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week.  Including muscle strengthening activities will support your efforts more.


3.  Prevent Muscle Loss


As we age our bodies do not build muscle as efficiently as when we are younger, by regularly excercising we can both maintain and increase our muscle mass, the effect of this are two fold, not only does it prevent us from losing muscle it also boots metabolism helping fight off obesity.  Add in a smart watch or pedometer and you can monitor your fitness goals.


4.  Digestion Improvement


Participating in regular excercise aids our intestinal muscles to break down food and move it through the digestive trace more efficiently.


5.  Reduce stress and Anxiety


The endorphins produced through exercise are proven to boost your move and ease depression, plus the elevation of body temperature has been demonstrated to calm the nervous system and is recommended to help ease anxiety and depression.


6.  Exercise and Cancer


Excercise has been linked to a reduction in the development of colon cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer in regularly active people, so take this opportunity to start engaging in an exercise that you find fun and can incorporate into your daily routine.


7.  The Effects of Exercise on Your Skin


Excercise stimulates the blood flow in your skin plus sweating eliminates toxins, removing skin and oils from your pores, helping to reduce the effects of acne.


8.  The Effects of Excerise on Brain Perfomance and Productivity


Daily exercise improves your workplace productivity greatly  by stimulating the blood flow to the brain, the increase in energy will make you more foccussed and more alert at work.


9.  Meet New People


Joining a health club or a cycling group is a great way to increase your circle of friends  Meeting like minded people will not only enhance your social life but give you added motivation on your fitness journey.  Grab a sports bottle to keep you hydrated and a top gym bag for transporting you equipment and kit.


10.  Improve your sex Life


Exercise increases the brains production of endorphins that are linked with the release of sex hormones, helping control blood presssure and relaxing the body.



Curated By: Ann Gott (BA Hons)
Buypromoproducts Limited | Managing Director

With 25 years experience running a screen print and print finishing organisation and currently 10 years in the promotional merchandise industry, Ann has an enviable reputation as a leading authority on branded merchandise and printed items. Her expertise ensures that she can identify and present the best branded merchandise to create an effective campaign for our customers requirements, offering innovative solutions for creative agencies and businesses alike. 




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